Acaena L. >

Calyx with barbed prickles Acaena
Flowers in long interrupted spikes or in heads with further flowers on the peduncle below the head. Tufted herbs without stolons (except sometimes in A. x anserovina)
Flowers in heads with c. 4 flowers scattered on the peduncle below the head. Fruits with 4–6 slender spines at the apex and smaller ones below. Leaflets 11–17 per leaf, obovate, 8–14 mm long, green and glabrous above, glaucous and ± pilose below. Stamens 2–5, cream red or purple. Sometimes stoloniferous. Hybrid between A. novae-zelandiae and A. ovina. Coast in south of area but liable to be found wherever A. novae-zelandiae and A. ovina occur together Acaena xanserovina