Acalypha L.

Leaves crenate or teeth blunt Acalypha
Villous-pubescent shrub up to 2 m high, rarely prostrate near the sea. Leaves spirally arranged, ovate to narrow-ovate or oblong, 4–6 mm long, serrate-crenate; stipules small. Flowers monoecious. Male flowers in axillary spikes up to 10 cm long, c. 1 mm diam.; Female flowers in separate short spikes or below the males; styles divided into narrow branches. In or near RF. Coast and adjacent plateaus Acalypha nemorum
Herb 10–50 cm tall. Leaves sparsely pubescent, ovate, 2–4 cm long, 5–15 mm wide. Petiole as long as the lamina or longer. Male inflorescences 1–2 cm long; female flowers concealed within bract. Garden escape. Introd. from Asia Acalypha australis