Acetosa Mill.

Leaf bases hastate or sagittate often acute. Inner perianth segments inflated and papery Acetosa
Prostrate, diffuse or ascending and scrambling perennial herb with tubers. Leaves 3–5 cm long, hastate with spreading auricles. Flowers in a terminal panicle often large and much branched. Perianth valves orbicular, cordate, membranous, reticulate, often reddish, 4–7 mm long. Coast and adjacent plateaus; Cumberland Plain. Waste places. Introd. from S. Africa. Turkey Rhubarb or Rambling Dock Acetosa sagittata
Erect annual herb with fibrous roots. Leaves 5–10 cm long, triangular with a cordate to truncate base. Petiole longer than lamina on basal leaves. Flowers in clusters of 2 or 3 on a simple pedicel. Perianth valves 12–23 mm long; tinged pink to purple; emarginated at both ends. Occasionally naturalized. Introd. from N. Africa to Pakistan. Bladder Dock or Rosy Dock Acetosa vesicaria