Actinotus Labill.

Flowers numerous, crowded, surrounded by radiating involucral bracts exceeding the flowers, the whole resembling a head. Fruit undivided Actinotus
Involucre 5–8 cm diam., densely white-tomentose, sometimes tipped with green. Erect annual or perennial 30–150 cm high, usually slender when in open forest but stouter and more woody when in exposed situations, covered with a soft dense woolly white or brownish tomentum. Leaves twice 3-partite; segments linear or oblong-linear, almost obtuse, sometimes further divided. Umbels on long peduncles. Flowers on filiform pedicels 3–4 mm long. Calyx lobes very small, linear. Fruit c. 4 mm long, covered with silky hairs. Widespread. DSF and heath. Sandy soils and coastal headlands. Fl. spring–summer. Flannel Flower Actinotus helianthi
Involucre less than 3 cm diam. Plants diffuse, with wiry branches, glabrous or silky hairy.