Allium L.

Perianth segments not connate Allium
Scape terete. Stamens exserted; inner filaments 3-fid, with the central branch bearing the anther and c. half as long as laterals. Perianth segments c. 5 mm long. Leaves cylindrical, grooved, hollow, c. 25 cm long. Umbels bearing both flowers and bulbils or bulbils alone. Spathe usually 1-valved. Waste ground around Sydney but not recently recorded. Introd. from Europe. Crow Garlic Allium vineale
Scape 3-angular. Stamens not exserted; inner filaments entire. Perianth segments 12–18 mm long. Leaves linear, flat, c. 25 cm long. Umbels with flowers only. Spathe 2-valved. Waste ground around Sydney. Introd. from western the Mediterranean. Triquetrous Garlic Allium triquetrum