Apium L.

Leaves not filiform, 1 mm or more wide Apium
Erect, aromatic biennial c. 1 m high, stems ribbed. Leaves pinnatisect; segments 3–5, ovate-cuneate, ± deeply 3-lobed. Umbels with 4–8 unequal rays. Fruit c. 3 mm long; mericarps with 5 whitish ribs. Coast and Cumberland Plain. Escape from cultivation. Introd. from Europe and Asia. Fl. spring–summer. Garden Celery Apium graveolens
Stems prostrate or ascending or rarely erect. Leaves once or twice pinnatisect, often rather thick; the segments tripartite. Compound rays 3–6, each with an umbel of rather numerous small white flowers. Fruit c. 3 mm long; mericarps with 5 thick ribs. Small perennial with a thick rootstock. Sea Celery