Asperula L.

Calyx absent Asperula
“Leaves” mostly 4 in each whorl
“Leaves” in each whorl more or less equal; obovate to oblanceolate, up to 10 mm long and 3 mm wide, glabrous or nearly so, obtuse or apiculate. Flowers in terminal or axillary cymes. Corolla c. 3 mm long. Mericarps black, glabrous. Perennial, dioecious, ascending herb with stems up to 20 cm long. Blue Mts Open forests and grasslands. Fl. summer Asperula gunnii
“Leaves” in each whorl unequal in length. Leaves linear to linear-oblong, 2–5 mm long, c. 3 mm wide. Flowers in terminal cymes, 1–3-flowered. Corolla 2–3 mm long. Mericarps black. Perennial subshrub with stems up to 30 cm long. Damp rocky areas at higher altitudes. Capertee area. Fl. spring–summer Asperula ambleia