Astroloma R.Br.

Corolla at least twice the length of the sepals, with 5 tufts of hairs below the middle. Filaments flattened Astroloma
Leaves narrow-linear, crowded, 10–18 mm long; margins revolute, scabrous. Corolla red at the base, passing to yellow and green at the tip, c. 18 mm long; tube glabrous inside. Erect or diffuse shrubs 20–100 cm high. Coast and adjacent plateaus; lower Blue Mts Heath and DSF. Sandy soils. Fl. winter–spring. Pine Heath. Astroloma pinifolium
Leaves narrow-lanceolate to linear, flat or slightly convex or concave, 5–12 mm long; margins minutely ciliate-denticulate. Corolla tube red, 10–12 mm long, with 5 tufts of hair inside below the middle. Diffuse, much branched shrub 20–30 cm high. Widespread. Open forest and cleared land on Ss and WS, often on heavy soils. Fl. winter–spring. Native Cranberry Astroloma humifusum