Astrotricha DC.

Leaves not lobed Astrotricha
Leaves more than 20 mm wide, acuminate to acute, flat. Panicles 30–50 cm long. Shrubs up to 3 m high
Petals white to cream, spreading to erect. Leaves with loose floccose hairs underneath, elliptic to narrow-ovate, 7–27 cm long; petioles usually less than 25 mm long. Coast and adjacent plateaus north of Port Jackson; lower Blue Mts DSF. Ss. Fl. spring–summer A. floccosa floccosaA. floccosa
Petals greenish yellow, reflexed. Leaves with a thin even tomentum underneath, oblong-ovate to elliptic; petioles usually 40–80 mm long. Widespread. DSF and sheltered places on Ss. Fl. spring–summer Astrotricha latifolia