Baloskion Raf.

Mid culms with sterile branches Baloskion
Culms unbranched, 30–100 cm high. Spikelets in a narrow terminal panicle or raceme. Perianth segments 6 in the male flowers, 4 in the female
Apex of all the leaf sheaths glabrous or fringed with hairs less than 0.25 mm long. Glumes glabrous to ciliolate
Upper leaf sheaths loose; the lower ones appressed. Culms ± rugose, 50–100 cm high, 1.5–3 mm wide; stomata sunken in irregular depressions or pits. Spikelets ovoid to oblong-cylindrical, 8–15 mm long. Blue Mts Wet peaty, sandy, or gravelly soils. B. australe australeB. australe
Leaf sheaths all closely appressed. Culms smooth to striate