Bursaria Cav.

Flowers in terminal lateral panicles; petals spreading from base of flower. Ovary prominently stipitate. Capsule strongly flattened Bursaria
Leaves variable in size and shape. Flowers in terminal pyramidal panicles, often numerous. Sepals less than 2 mm long. Petals narrow, to 6 mm long, creamy white. Leaves obovate oblong or cuneate, 10–35 mm long, truncate or emarginate, narrowed at the base. Capsule 4–6 mm long. Widespread. Shrub to small tree. Tall forests particularly on shales; weed of cultivated land. Fl. spring–summer. Blackthorn
Tall shrub or tree 5–10 m high. Indumentum on young shoots and undersurface of leaves not usually persisting with age. Petals 4–6 mm long Bursaria spinosaspinosa
Multi-stemmed shrub under 5 m high. Indumentum of dense appressed hairs on young shoots and undersurface of leaves persisting with age. Petals to 4 mm long. Higher altitudes Bursaria spinosalasiophylla