Bursaria Cav.

Flowers in terminal lateral panicles; petals spreading from base of flower. Ovary prominently stipitate. Capsule strongly flattened Bursaria
Leaves consistent in size and shape. Sepals prominent. Petals 6–8 mm long.
Branchlets scabrous with erect, rigid hair bases. Other parts of plant glabrous. Mature style longer than ovary. Fruit with 2 valves, not woody. Flowers in lateral panicles or clusters rarely longer than the spines, fewer than in B. spinosa. Mature leaves up to 6–9 mm long, 1–3 mm wide crowded along the branches. Spines numerous. Often procumbent shrub. Blue Mts Open forests. Fl. spring–summer Bursaria longisepala
Whole plant with soft appressed hairs. Mature style shorter than ovary. Fruit with 2 or 3 valves often woody. Inflorescence usually terminal. Mature leaves 8–12 mm long, 4 mm wide. Erect shrub. Wombeyan Caves area. Fl. spring–summer Bursaria calcicola