Prickles or thorns present
Scrambling shrub covered with recurved prickles Caesalpinia
Woody, scrambling shrub; branches and racemes ± tomentose or pubescent, with scattered recurved prickles. Pinnae 6–10 pairs per leaf; leaflets 8–12 pairs per pinna, oblong, rarely more than 12mm long. Flowers numerous in axillary and terminal racemes 12–15 cm long. Corolla yellow. Filaments less than 2 cm long. Dundas; Wollongong. Introd. from Queensland and Indonesia. Thorny Poinciana Caesalpinia decapetala
Straggling shrub; branches glandular pubescent, without prickles. Pinnae 7–14 pairs per leaf; leaflets 7–11 pairs per pinna, elliptic to oblong, 4–10 mm long. Flowers in terminal racemes up to 15 cm long. Corolla yellow. Fillaments more than 5 cm long. Occasionally naturalized. Bird-of-paradise Flower Caesalpinia gillesii