Cestichis Thouars & Pfitzer

Column elongate, incurved, shortly winged at the top Cestichis
Peduncle winged. Leaves 4–8 cm long. Flowers pale translucent green with orange tints; odour unpleasant or absent. Labellum cuneate, 5–6 mm long, 5 mm wide; the front margin irregularly denticulate, not reflexed; the shorter narrower base embracing the column. Column slender, erect, slightly to moderately incurved, c. 4 mm long. Epiphyte on tree trunks. Fl. Aug.–Feb. Cestichis coelogynoides
Peduncle not winged. Leaves up to 30 cm long. Flowers yellowish-green, rarely reddish-purple, odour unpleasant, sickly. Labellum sessile, entire, reflexed about the middle. Column incurved, 5–6 mm long. Widespread. Rock ledges and crevices. Fl. March–May. Yellow Rock Orchid Cestichis reflexa