Chloanthes R.Br.

Leaves decurrent and wrinkled. Corolla 15–40 mm long Chloanthes
Stamens and style shorter than the corolla tube. Corolla tube mauve or bluish yellow, with darker markings in the throat and long hairs on the lower lip and into the throat, usually less than 2.5 cm long. Leaves mostly 1–3 cm long and 2–4 mm wide, bullate, with deciduous stellate hairs. Shrub up to 1 m high. Rylestone-Singleton district; (also south of Nowra). DSF and heath. Fl. mostly spring Chloanthes parviflora
Stamens and style longer than the corolla tube. Corolla greenish yellow or greenish blue, usually more than 2 cm long, glabrous or nearly so on the lower lip and in the throat but with a ring of hairs near the base of the tube