Cotoneaster Medik.

Leaves entire, up to 8 cm long Cotoneaster
Leaves less than 30 mm long and 15 mm or less wide
Leaves elliptic to obovate, mostly up to 2 cm but sometimes 3 cm long, upper surface dull, glabrous, lower surface pubescent with longer coarser hairs than C. glaucophyllus. Veins inconspicuous on upper surface. Fruit dull red, 4–5 mm diam. Naturalized in a number of places. Introd. from E. Asia Cotoneaster pannosus
Leaves elliptic to ovate, up to 35 mm long, upper surface glossy, glabrescent with age, lower surface with yellow to grey tomentum. Veins conspicuous on upper surface. Fruit orange-red, 8–10 mm diam. Rarely naturalized. Introd. from China Cotoneaster franchetii