Cymbidium Sw.

Column erect or slightly incurved at the top, semi-terete Cymbidium
Stems not pseudobulbous, up to 30 cm long. Racemes c. 20 cm long. Leaves flaccid, shining green, 18–35 cm long, less than 2 cm wide. Flowers numerous. Perianth golden green to light green, sometimes with indistinct red blotches, c. 3 cm diam. Coast to Blue Mts Epiphytic on hollow logs and branches. Fl. spring–early summer. Snake Orchid Cymbidium suave
Stems pseudobulbous. Racemes 14–40 cm long. Leaves rigid, dull green, 12–40 cm long, 2–4 cm wide, deeply channelled above. Flowers numerous. Perianth variable in colour combining green brown and purple, spotted with purplish-brown or red, 3–4 cm diam. Gosford District. Fl. spring–early summer. Tiger Orchid Cymbidium canaliculatum