Dactyloctenium Willd.

Axes of the spikes projecting beyond the uppermost spikelet as a ± sharp point Dactyloctenium
Tufted annuals or short-lived perennials, not stoloniferous
Spikelets crowded and touching those of adjacent spikes, c. 5 mm long. Inflorescence with 3–10 branches, each 5–15 mm long. Tufted annual up to 20 cm high. Coast. Fl. spring–summer. Button Grass or Finger Grass Dactyloctenium radulans
Only the lowest spikelets touching those of the adjacent branches; branches of the inflorescence more spreading than those of D. radulans. Inflorescence with 2–4 branches, each 1–5 cm long. Tufted annual or short lived perennial up to 70 cm high. Sandy soils mostly near the coast where it has been used as a stabilizer. Introd. from Africa. Coastal Button Grass Dactyloctenium aegyptium