Doodia R.Br.

Sori in 1–2 (rarely 3) rows, rather short or sometimes later confluent, 1 in each areola attached on the inner side of the veinlet or veinlets parallel to the costa (Fig. 23). Veins areolate in the fertile fronds and most of the sterile fronds, rarely free in the latter Doodia
Pinnae attached by their bases except the lowermost pair sometimes shortly stalked and somewhat enlarged. Sori distinct (Fig. 23). Fronds harsh, coriaceous to subcoriaceous, uniform. Widespread. RF gullies or tall open forests. Rasp Fern Doodia aspera
Pinnae in the lower third of the frond or almost all the pinnae very shortly stalked. Sori distinct or confluent. Fronds submembranous to coriaceous, uniform to very dimorphic