Echinopogon P.Beauv.

Glumes rigidly ciliate on the keels (rough to the touch). Lemma 5–11-nerved. Panicle spike-like Echinopogon
Lemma bilobed with lobes at least 2 mm long. Spikelets mostly 5 mm long or longer. Leaf blades up to 10 mm wide. Panicle erect, dense, ovoid to oblong, up to 70 mm long and 40 mm wide. Loosely tufted perennial up to 1 m high, with slender rhizomes. Coast and adjacent plateaus. Open forest. Fl. spring–summer. Erect Hedgehog Grass Echinopogon intermedius
Lemma entire or bilobed with lobes up to 1.5 mm long. Spikelets mostly less than 5 mm long