Eremophila R.Br.

Calyx segments linear to oblong, 6–8 mm long Eremophila
Stamens 4. Prostrate to ascending shrub with a thick rootstock. Leaves elliptic to lanceolate, mostly 3–5 cm long, entire or with a few teeth. Flowers 1–2 together on short axillary pedicels. Corolla white to mauve, without spots, 4–10 mm long. Fruit slightly compressed, 6–8 mm long, reddish pink. Coast and adjacent plateaus; Cumberland Plain. Open forests; grazing land. Fl. spring–summer. Winter Apple or Amulla Eremophila debilis
Stamens 5. Shrub to 4 m high. Leaves linear to oblanceolate, 2–5 cm long, entire. Flowers 1–4 in leaf axils. Corolla cream, 4–7 mm long. Fruit ovoid 4–6 mm long, yellow to black. Not common. In west of area. Fl. winter–summer. Turkey Bush Eremophila desertii