Exocarpos Labill.

Ovary superior. Fruit a nut resting on the enlarged succulent receptacle Exocarpos
Flowers in short cylindrical spikes 3–6 mm long including the peduncle. Perianth segments 5. Swollen pedicel bright red or yellowish at the fruiting stage, oblong-ovoid, 5–6 mm diam. Branchlets often drooping and graceful. Leaves scale-like triangular 0.5 mm long, (may be longer on new growth). Tall shrub or small tree. Widespread. Forests. Fl. spring–autumn. Native Cherry or Cherry Ballart Exocarpos cupressiformis
Flowers in small sessile axillary clusters. Perianth segments mostly 4. Swollen pedicel whitish at fruiting stage, 3–4 mm diam. Branchlets erect, prominently angular. Rudimentary leaves 1–3 mm long, present on young shoots only, subulate, caducous and leaving a minute triangular tooth-like base. Shrub. Widespread. Heath and DSF. Fl. most of the year. Pale Ballart Exocarpos strictus