Gastrodia R.Br.

Sepals and petals whitish or brown, fused together into a 5-lobed tube Gastrodia
Racemes with up to 20 flowers. Perianth whitish; tube 10–12 mm long. Sepals 2–3 mm long. Labellum yellow obscurely 3-lobed. Stems up to 70 cm long, with 3–6 short scaly bracts. Capsule 10–15 mm long. Coast to Blue Mts Fl. late winter–summer. Potato Orchid Gastrodia sesamoides
Racemes with up to 75 flowers. Perianth brown with white tips on outside, white on inside; tube 15–20 mm long. Sepals c. 5 mm long. Labellum orange prominently 3-lobed. Stems up to 90 cm high with 6–8 short scaly bracts. Capsule 25–30 mm long. Blue Mts Fl. spring–summer Gastrodia procera