Glossodia R.Br.

Labellum sitting at ± right angle to the column. Labellum sessile, with calli at the base only Glossodia
Calli at the base of the labellum fused, with a bilobed head. Flowers usually 3–4 cm diam. (up to 6 cm), 1–2 (rarely 3) together. Perianth purplish or white. Plants up to 30 cm high. Leaf oblong to lanceolate, 4–15 cm long, hairy. Widespread. Fl. spring Glossodia major
Calli at the base of the labellum not fused, clavate. Flowers usually c. 2 cm diam., 1–2 together. Perianth violet-blue rarely white. Plants up to 16 cm high. Leaf broad-lanceolate, 2–4 cm long. Widespread. Fl. spring Glossodia minor