Hymenophyllum Sm.

Involucre bivalvate (deeply or to the base) or bivalvate in the upper portion but obconic at the base Hymenophyllum
Margin of the lamina and the axes clothed with branched and often simple hairs. Rhizome widely creeping, c. 0.1–0.2 mm diam., sparsely pilose with simple or once forked hairs. Stipes not winged, 1–25 mm long, filiform. Lamina divided flabellately or digitately almost to the base of the frond into dichotomous segments, deltoid or broadly obovate or ± rounded in outline. Ultimate segments with a glabrous surface; the margin with teeth bearing simple and branched hairs; the apex rounded truncate or emarginate. Sori solitary or very rarely in pairs, deeply sunken in the apex of the ultimate segments. Involucre 1–1.5 mm long, 0.8–2.5 mm broad, the lips erose or toothed, each tooth bearing a reddish forked hair. Receptacle included. Plants 1–5 cm high. Blue Mts; Illawarra ranges. RF, growing on rocks and trees Hymenophyllum lyallii
Margin of the lamina and the axes not clothed with branched hairs