Hypochaeris L. >

Leaves all basal in a flat rosette. Rhachis of the inflorescence with scale-leaves only. Receptacle with chaffy scales Hypochaeris
Rays yellow. Hairs of the pappus in 2 rows; the inner long and plumose; the outer short and simple. Leaves in a basal rosette. Heads on branched stems up to 30 cm high
All cypselas beaked. Leaves oblanceolate, up to 20 cm long, toothed, sinuate to pinnatifid, hairy with hispid hairs. Heads, up to 15 mm diam. Cypselas 4-7 mm long, with a beak 7–10 mm long. Pappus hairs 8–14 mm long. Perennial herb. Widespread. Weed of cultivation, pastures and waste places. Introd. from Europe; Asia and Africa. Fl. summer. Catsear or Flatweed Hypochaeris radicata