Lachnagrostis Trin.

Palea more than half the length of the lemma. Lemma usually hairy and awned Lachnagrostis
Lemma glabrous. Erect annual up to 45 cm high. Culms 3-noded. Leaf blades 5–40 (usually c. 20) cm long, 2–8 (usually 4–6) cm wide; ligule membranous, 4–8 mm long, obtuse, laciniate. Panicle spreading. Spikelets c. 6 mm long, greenish purplish or straw-coloured, laterally compressed. Lemma 3–4 mm long, awned from c. the middle. Usually on sandy soils near the coast. Fl. summer. Coastal Blown Grass Lachnagrostis billardierei