Lagenophora Cass.

Ray more than 1 mm long. Cypselas beaked Lagenophora
Plants with stolons. Roots fibrous. Leaves obovate, 1–15 cm long, hirsute. Scapes up to 18 cm long. Heads 4–8 mm diam. Ligule of ray florets more than 2 mm long. Widespread. Open forests and grasslands. Fl. spring–summer. Blue Bottle-daisy
Plants without stolons. Roots fleshy. Leaves obovate, up to 8 cm long, hirsute or glabrous. Scapes up to 35 cm long. Heads 3–4 mm diam. Ligule of ray florets up to 2 mm long. Widespread. Moist places in open forests. Fl. spring–summer Slender Lagenophora Lagenophora gracilis