Lastreopsis Ching

Ridges of the upper surface of the main rhachis continuous with the thickened margin of the pinnae (Fig. 11). Channel of the main rhachis glanduloso-pubescent or clothed densely with articulate, reddish, unbranched hairs. Costae and costules with scattered, red or yellow, oblong or rounded, glandular hairs. Indusium mostly orbicular-reniform or rarely peltate Lastreopsis
Main rhachis densely clothed on the lower surface with spreading, dark red or dark brown, bristle-like, bulbous-based scales; channel on the upper surface clothed with bristle-like scales and stiff, club-shaped, glandular-tipped, dark red-brown or whitish hairs, usually 2-celled with red articulations. Indusium orbicular-peltate or reniform. Rhizome long-creeping. Lamina submembranous to subcoriacecous. Sori near the margin of the segments. Plants 15–90 cm high. Blue Mts. Rare. RF. Endangered Lastreopsis hispida
Main rhachis clothed on the lower surface with short, soft hairs and often with dark brown, narrowly lanceolate to ovate, bullate or flattened scales; channel on the upper surface with non-club-shaped, non-glandular, acute or obtuse hairs of 3–5 cells with red or red-brown articulations. Indusium orbicular-reniform (or often orbicular in L. acuminata)