Leptorhynchos Less.

Corollas longer than involucre. Cypsela ribbed Leptorhynchos
Involucral bracts entire or lacerated, not ciliate
Involucral bracts acute to acuminate, descending down the peduncle and grading into the upper leaves; involucre 20–30 mm diam. Pappus distinctly shorter than the corolla. Leaves oblong to narrow-oblanceolate, 2–4 cm long, ± pubescent on both surfaces. Erect to ascending, perennial herb up to 40 cm high. Western parts of the area. Grasslands and forests. Fl. spring–summer Leptorhynchos elongatus
Involucral bracts obtuse, descending a short way down the peduncle but not intergrading with the leaves; involucre c. 10 mm diam. Pappus c. as long as the corolla. Leaves linear 2–4 cm long, glabrescent. Stoloniferous herb up to 25 cm high. Widespread south of Sydney. Grasslands, open forests, roadsides. Fl. summer–autumn Leptorhynchos nitidulus