Lobelia L.

Corolla blue, white, purple or pink Lobelia
Flowers solitary in the leaf axils. Posterior anthers hairy on the back, only the anterior anthers with apical bristles. Corolla pale blue to white or pink. Peduncles shorter or only slightly longer than the leaves, 5–7 mm long, rarely longer. Leaves very variable, obovate to cuneate or almost linear, distantly dentate to entire. Capsule elongate-obconic, 6–10 mm long. Procumbent to ascending herb. Coast. Damp places or damp rocks near the sea. Fl. summer–autumn. (previously L. alata) Lobelia anceps
Flowers in terminal usually ± unilateral racemes. Anthers all with bristles at the apex of the anther tube. Corolla dark blue