Lycopodiella Holub

Strobili either pendent and terminal on the branches of the much-branched upper portion of the aerial stems or the strobili erect and lateral (or sometimes also a terminal one) on simple or several times forked aerial stems Lycopodiella
Strobili erect, lateral on the branches, also a terminal strobilus in some cases. Sterile leaves linear-subulate, not arcuate-ascending, 4–7 mm long, 0.2–0.5 mm wide; the margins revolute, entire; the apex acuminate, with a few marginal teeth. Sporophylls broadly ovate, narrowing abruptly into a long, acuminate, toothed, apical portion; the margin lacerate or dentate. Plants erect, pendulous or straggling, simple to several times forked, 10–50(–75) cm high. Widespread. Swamps; heath; on sandstone cliff-faces, exposed hillsides or wet rocks Lycopodiella lateralis
Strobili nodding at maturity, always terminal on the branches; lateral strobili absent. Sterile leaves linear-subulate, arcuate-ascending, 2–4.5 mm long, 0.1–0.3 mm wide; the margins entire; the apex cuspidate. Sporophylls broadly ovate, narrowing into a long cuspidate, toothed, apical portion; the margins ciliate-fimbriate. Plants usually subscandent, up to 2.5m long, with a widely trailing rhizome rooting at intervals. Widespread. Moist cliff-faces; railway cuttings; RF Lycopodiella cernua