Marsilea L.

Sterile lamina with 2 pairs of opposite leaflets, resembling a 4-leafed clover Marsilea
Sporocarps with 1 or more usually 2 teeth. Stalks of the sporocarps very rarely branched. Leaflets of the terrestrial forms often very densely hirsute. Stalks shorter than the sporocarps
Sporocarps with 1–2 unequal teeth; the upper tooth truncate; the lower often undeveloped. Leaflets usually narrowly oblanceolate to oblanceolate0.1–1 cm long, 0.07–0.45 cm broad. Cumberland Plain. Low-lying land subject to inundation Marsilea costulifera
Sporocarps with 2 teeth which are equal in length. Leaflets very broadly obovate-cuneate to narrowly obovate-cuneate, 0.8–2.1 cm long, 0.5–1.3 cm broad. Cumberland Plain. In swampy land, on the edge of pools and lagoons Marsilea hirsuta