Monotoca R.Br.

Flowers ± sessile. Ovary 1 or 2-locular Monotoca
Small, erect shrubs c. 30 cm or rarely more than 100 cm high. Flowers in clusters or very short racemes always shorter than the leaves, more rarely solitary or in pairs, usually axillary
Leaves mucronate, usually oblong-linear, flat or with recurved margins, whitish underneath, 8–10 mm long; petiole greenish. Flowers in clusters or very short racemes, rarely solitary or in pairs. Widespread. Heath and DSF. Sandy soils. Fl. autumn–winter Monotoca scoparia
Leaves obtuse, scarcely paler underneath, oblong, 4–8 mm long, rather thick; petiole reddish. Flowers solitary or in pairs. Woronora Plateau; Blue Mts Uncommon. Fl. summer Monotoca ledifolia