Muehlenbeckia Meisn.

Flowers unisexual. Calyx succulent or membranous at fruiting stage Muehlenbeckia
Slender, herbaceous, twining perennial. Leaves on slender petioles, ovate-cordate to broad-saggitate, acuminate, membranous; the margins crisped, mostly 2–5 cm long. Perianth succulent at fruiting stage. Care is necessary to avoid confusing this plant with Fallopia convolvulus. Coast. WSF; open forests on rivers; margins of RF. Fl. summer Muehlenbeckia gracillima
Robust climber, almost woody at the base, sometimes shrubby. Leaves broad-ovate-cordate, thick. Fruits ovoid, rugose. Flowers in large interrupted terminal panicles, 3–3.5 mm long. Blue Mts Creek banks, rocky places Muehlenbeckia rhyticarya