Murdannia Royle

Some or all the filaments bearded. Ovary 3-locular Murdannia
Herb with creeping stems. Internodes with a line of dense hairs. Leaves linear-lanceolate, 2–8 cm long, sometimes slightly folded, apex acuminate. Flower in a terminal mostly 1-flowered inflorescence. Petals pale pink to purple, obovate. Garden escape. Damp places. Introd. from E. Asia. Fl. autumn Murdannia keisak
Weak, perennial herb. Stems erect, 10–60 cm high. Leaves linear, usually 6–10 cm long, sometimes much longer, basal with a few cauline leaves. Flowers in a terminal irregularly branched panicle. Petals usually mauve or pink, ovate, c. 10 mm long. Coast. Uncommon Murdannia graminea