Oenothera L.

Floral tube extending above the ovary. Sepals 4 Oenothera
Corolla whitish to deep pink
Flowers c. 1.5 cm diam. Free part of floral tube 5–6 mm long, minutely pubescent. Capsule obovoid; upper fertile part 3–4 mm diam., 4-angled with 4 longitudinal ribs between the angles and passing gradually into the lower sterile region. Leaves narrow-ovate to elliptic, c. 25 mm long, sinuate, sometimes dentate, minutely pubescent. Erect herb. Cumberland Plain. Grasslands. Introd. from America. Fl. spring–autumn Oenothera rosea
Flowers 2–5 cm diam. Free part of floral tube mostly more than 1 cm long