Paspalidium Stapf

Bristle terminating the inflorescence branches less than 8 mm long. Spikelets obtuse Paspalidium
Spikelets usually in 2 rows, usually many to each branch. Spikelets close together on the rhachis and usually touching
Leaf blades 3–8 mm wide. Lower glume inflated at the base. Spikelets mostly 2.5 mm long, bending away from the rhachis. Leaf blade scabrous or glabrous. Ascending perennial, usually >1 m high, sometimes rooting at the nodes. Hornsby Plateau and Cumberland Plain. Clay soils. Fl. summer Paspalidium aversum
Leaf blades 1–3 mm wide. Spikelets mostly 1.5–2 mm long, sessile, overlapping. Lower glume not inflated