Patersonia R.Br.

Outer perianth segments conspicuously larger than inner. Flowers in a terminal cymose cluster Patersonia
Plants hairy. Spathes brown to black. Scapes and leaves 30 cm high
Leaves basal, linear. Stems very short. Spathes dark brown to black
Leaves deeply grooved, hairy on the margin never regularly inflexed 2–6 mm wide, usually erect but sometimes lax towards the tip. Spathes 35–60 mm long. Widespread. DSF and heath. Fl. spring Patersonia sericea
Leaves smooth, with inflexed hairs on the margin, 1–2 mm wide, lax, trailing. Spathes 20–35 mm long. Coast and adjacent plateaus. DSF and heath. Fl. spring Patersonia longifolia