Anthers opening through longitudinal slits. Flowers white, cream, yellow, green or blue and pendant
Scandent shrubs or twiners with pendant blue or yellow-green flowers and fruit a green or black berry Billardiera
Petals free, blue. Leaves 30–50 mm long. Inflorescence with up to 10 flowers. Berry oblong-cylindrical, glabrous, green-purple. Introd. from Western Australia. Fl. summer. Bluebell Creeper Billardiera heterophylla
Petals spreading from the middle to form a narrow campanulate corolla, greenish or pale yellow often tinged with purple, 6–24 mm long. Leaves mostly 15–35 mm long. Flowers 1 or 2, pendulous on slender terminal peduncles. Ovary glabrous or pubescent. Berry cylindrical or ovoid-oblong, greenish, 1–3 cm long. Widespread. Heath and open forest. Ss. and WS. Fl. spring–summer. Appleberry or Snotberry Billardiera scandens