Plectranthus L’Hér.

Stamens basally connate, hardly exceeding corolla Plectranthus
Bracts persistent at least until fruiting stage
Leaves and stems with reddish-purple simple hairs as well as glandular hairs. Leaves elliptic or ovate to almost orbicular, mostly up to 8 cm long, crenate. Corolla 12–15 mm long, whitish with purplish markings. Aromatic, straggling herb up to c. 50 cm high. Sydney district. Ss. Introd. from S. Africa. Fl. most of the year Plectranthus ciliatus
Leaves and stems without reddish-purple hairs. Leaves fleshy, broad ovate to triangular, 3–7 cm long, upper surface densely hairy, 7–15 teeth on each side. Corolla 7–9 mm long, mauve or white, tube slightly curved at middle. Aromatic perennial herb to 1.5 m high, densely covered with hairs. Occasionally naturalized. Introd. from Africa. Fl. spring. Allspice Plectranthus amboinicus