Polypogon Desf.

Glumes tapering into an awn or awn arising from a notch; awn 4–7 mm long Polypogon
Awns on the glumes up to 3 mm long. Lemmas sometimes awnless. Panicles loose, 2–10 cm long, with the branches not hidden by the spikelets. Leaf blades flat, 5–20 cm long, up to 10 mm wide; ligule 3–5 mm long. Tufted perennial up to 50 cm high. Coast. Damp disturbed areas. Introd. from Europe. Fl. spring. Perennial Beardgrass Polypogon littoralis
Awns on the glumes 4–9 mm long. Lemmas with an awn 1–3 mm long. Panicles dense, 2–11 cm long, branches hidden by the spikelets. Leaf blades flat, 5–10 cm long, up to 6 mm wide; ligule 5–10 mm long. Tufted annual up to 50 cm high. Widespread. Damp disturbed areas; edges of swamps. Introd. from the Mediterranean. Fl. spring. Annual Beardgrass Polypogon monspeliensis