Polystichum Roth >

Indusia orbicular-peltate. Basal acroscopic pinnule or lobe of the middle primary pinnae not distinctly closer to (Fig. 10) or slightly more remote from the main rhachis than the basal basiscopic pinnule or lobe. Lamina not basiscopically produced. Rhizome short and erect. Main rhachis with scaly proliferous buds in some species Polystichum
Proliferous buds absent on the main rhachis. Fluffy, fawn, caducous squamules present on the stipes and rhachises. Scales of the rhizomes and bases of the stipes dull, narrowly lanceolate to ovate except for a few inconspicuous, cultrate scales 4–8 mm long. Spores black or dark brown, tuberculate. Plants 30–60 cm high. Mainly in the south of the region. Uncommon. RF on rocky cliffs, often near waterfalls and usually on mountain slopes Polystichum formosum