Pseudoraphis Griff.

Bristle terminating the inflorescence branches 10 mm or more long. Spikelets pointed Pseudoraphis
Panicle spike-like but loose. Spikelets often 2 together on the lower branches, acute. Lower glume 1–1.5 mm long. Stems creeping, forming a mat. Leaf blades usually c. 5 cm long. Chiefly coast. Usually near water. Fl. summer Pseudoraphis paradoxa
Panicle spreading, 5–9 cm long. Spikelets distant on filiform branches, obtuse. Lower glume less than 1 mm long. Stems creeping or floating in water. Leaf blades flat, 4–5 cm long. In or near water. Fl. summer. Floating Couch or Mudgrass Pseudoraphis spinescens