Ricinocarpos Desf.

Anthers connate into a column Ricinocarpos
Sepals pubescent with stellate hairs. Leaves linear to oblong, 5–20 mm long, revolute, scabrous. Petals 10–15 mm long. Fruit globular, villous. Hornsby Plateau north of Hawkesbury River. DSF. Fl. winter–spring Ricinocarpos bowmanii
Sepals glabrous but for the ciliate margins. Leaves linear, 2–4 cm long, revolute, smooth. Petals 10–15 mm long. Fruit globular, densely muricate, c. 12 mm diam. Widespread. Heath and DSF. Sandy soils. Fl. winter–spring. Wedding Bush Ricinocarpos pinifolius