Sporangia in comb-like, lateral or apical sporangiophores with protective flanges serving as false indusia. Stipes without flap-like expansions. Wiry or ribbon-like terrestrial plants under 15 cm high, with creeping or erect rhizomes, clothed with hairs or scales Schizaeaceae
Sterile fronds divided or, if simple, then 0.3–1 mm broad and terete or slightly flattened with revolute margins
Sterile fronds simple, terete or slightly flattened towards the apex, 0.3–0.5 mm broad, 5–9 pairs of sporangia on a soriferous pinnule. Soriferous heads single, on simple smooth or asperous fronds. Coast. Uncommon. Wet peaty soil or on hillocks in bogs Schizaea fistulosa
Sterile fronds forked to much divided (with up to 175 branchlets) or, if undivided, then 0.5–1 mm broad and slightly flattened with revolute margins. 10–20 pairs of sporangia on a soriferous pinnule