Tetragonia L.

Petaloid staminodes absent. Leaves broad, flat Tetragonia
Flowers sessile or subsessile
Styles 5–10. Fruit 10–12 mm diam., subglobular to turbinate or sometimes 3–4-angular or the angles produced upwards to form horns (very variable even on the same plant). Leaves triangular-ovate to lanceolate, 2–8 cm long. Flowers solitary or 2 together. Stamens 4–many. Petioles and young stems with vescicular hairs. Sea coasts and margins of salt marshes. New Zealand Spinach or Warrigal Cabbage Tetragonia tetragonioides
Styles 2–3. Fruit 2–4 mm long, papillose, truncate at top with 3–4 projections. Leaves ovate to circular 1–3 cm long. Flowers in groups of 2–5 . Stamens usually as many as perianth segments and alternating with them. Introd. from S. Africa. Tetragonia microptera