Thysanotus R.Br.

Inner perianth segments fringed Thysanotus
Roots not tuberous. Basal leaves absent or short, generally withered. Inflorescences branched once or twice
At least the upper parts of the stems glabrous. Cauline leaves reduced but herbaceous, often numerous; lower leaves not subtending branches or pedicels. Outer perianth segments 5-nerved, 1.5–2 mm wide. Widespread. Heath and DSF. Chiefly Ss. Fl. spring–summer Thysanotus juncifolius
Stems densely hirsute on the ridges. Cauline leaves reduced, often numerous. Outer perianth segments 6–7-nerved, 3–4 mm wide. Royal National Park. Heath. Lateritic gravels. Fl. spring–summer Thysanotus virgatus