Typhonium Schott

Spathe dark purple inside Typhonium
Sterile terminal appendage of the spadix ± conical, obliquely truncate at the base, 2–5 cm long, black, finally putrescent. Spathe lamina ovate, 5–15 cm long, acuminate. Leaf lobes lanceolate to narrow-ovate, 5–20 cm long. Hunter River valley; Capertee valley. Forests. Fl. spring–summer Typhonium brownii
Sterile terminal appendage of the spadix terete, not dilated or truncate at the base, 5–15 cm long, purplish. Spathe lamina lanceolate, acuminate. Leaf lobes linear to lanceolate, 5–20 cm long. Coast and adjacent plateaus. Sheltered places. Uncommon. Fl. spring–summer Typhonium eliosurum