Urochloa P.Beauv.

Glumes 2; the lower one usually shorter and different from the sterile lemma Urochloa
Tops of the pedicels with fine hairs c. 1 mm long (hairs best seen when the spikelets have fallen)
Spikelets pubescent, 5–6 mm long. Erect to decumbent annual with culms up to 100 cm long, usually softly pubescent especially at the nodes. Leaf blades 8–20 cm long, 7–15 mm wide; the margins undulate or crimped. Panicle up to 20 cm long; branches 2–4 cm long, usually appressed to the main axis; axis of the rhachis pubescent. Coast. Introd. from N. America. Fl. summer. Texas Millet Urochloa texana
Spikelets glabrous, 4–5 mm long. Decumbent to stoloniferous annual up to 70 cm high, ± pubescent. Leaf blades up to c. 20 cm long, 3–15 mm wide. Racemes usually 1–6 cm long. Cumberland Plain. Grasslands. Introd. from Africa. Liverseed Grass Urochloa panicoides